Poetry by Glenn Mackey

People think it mighty funny
   That a hulking lout like me
Takes time from making money
   Just to scribble poetry.

But I'm neither odd nor crazy
    For I never shirk my chore
And my words are never hazy
    When I have a point to score.

I just go about and daily
    Seek some thought on which to write
Do my humble work quite gaily
    And I write my thoughts at night.

If I think while I am fighting
    For a living day by day
And find pleasure in my writing
    Is that funny would you say?

        by Glenn E. Mackey

In his own words, Glenn provides some insight into his writing. Much of his poetry, including this poem, is untitled. Titles in this collection that are enclosed in quotes have been added. No other editing has been performed. He was self educated and an avid solver of crossword puzzles which presumably added to the substantial vocabulary evident in his poetry. Where they exist, dates and notes accompany the poetry. These are few, and the chronology and purpose for the poems are frequently left to the reader. However, he wrote about things that were personal to him, and combined with the history of Glenn and Viola, as we know it, the poems add to our understanding of the life of a sensitive and creative man.